Formstack Forms and Microsoft Power Automate Integration Release

Together, the Formstack Forms and Microsoft Power Automate Integration empower users to digitize what matters and easily create automated workflows that improve workplace productivity. Our Formstack Forms integration with Microsoft Power Automate is a one-to-many connection between a Formstack Form submission and the Microsoft systems users rely on each day to keep their business running smoothly.

Connecting your Formstack Forms account to Microsoft Power Automate will unlock access to a powerful integration across Microsoft systems. Once connected, users will instantly be able to send form submissions to their Microsoft products. Simply add the Formstack Forms connector to any of your flows in Power Automate, authorize your connection, and choose your form to kick off the flow.

Send your form submission data to multiple Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Dynamics, by creating new records or updating existing records immediately upon submission. Microsoft Teams, which can send notifications to any team member when a form submission has been completed. Microsoft Excel online, by adding a new line item to a spreadsheet upon form submission. SharePoint, by uploading a file or creating a new item. And OneDrive, by uploading files directly from form submission to a OneDrive account.

Collect all the submission data you need and connect it to the Microsoft tools used each day. And rest assured, your data will be created cleanly, updated accordingly, and maintained as systems grow and customers make changes. Get started with Microsoft Power Automate and Formstack Forms integration today.